Two hours north of Rome and two hours south of Florence, Umbria (the green heart of Italy) is full of historical hill towns and beautiful countryside.  The winemakers in this area are undergoing a period of exciting change as Umbrian wines become more known and respected on the world scene.

Our objective is not to reproduce the guidebooks, but to give guests an idea of interesting attractions and activities in proximity of Podere Calzone.


Approximately 25 miles east of Podere Calzone, this region represents the richest and most varied grape-growing and winemaking in the region. There are numerous estate wineries that provide tours and wine tastings.


Monte Castello di Vibio

This medieval hill town is a small treasure best known for the Teatro Della Concordia.  The famous theater is considered the smallest in the world, and includes frescos by the painter Luigi Agretti from 1892.


This is an enjoyable day trip with an estate tour, wine tasting, wine and olive oil museums and shops to explore.  Top off the experience with an enjoyable lunch at the Hotel Le Tre Vasalle's Ristorante Le Melograne.


Founded at least 3,000 years ago, Todi overlooks the picturesque Tiber Valley.  The town boasts three magnificent palazzos and the Temple of San Fortunado with the famous Madonna and Child (1432).


Founded by the Etruscans and conquered by the Romans in 265 BC, the town has always been of key importance due to its location between the north and south of Italy.  With 3,000 years of history, Orvieto offers today's visitor treasures from each period.


The small town of Deruta is home to the famous Deruta Italian pottery and is less than 30 minutes from Podere Calzone.  Inside the old town you will find many small shops displaying the local pottery with the owner often demonstrating the hand painting technique

Fossil Forest of Dunarobba

Over 3 million years old, this is one of the most important paleontological sites in the world, with over 50 fossilized conifer trunks visible.

Marmore Waterfalls

Surrounded by beautiful scenery, the falls are the manmade work of the ancient Romans.

Carsulae & San Gemini

The Roman ruins at Carsulae, dating from the 3rd century BC, was most famous for its Roman baths and therapeutic spring waters.  A visit to the ruins in the morning will leave the afternoon to explore the quiet, peaceful town of San Gemini, which encapsulates the history of many hill towns in Italy.


There are numerous options for athletic activities within a short distance of Podere Calzone


Golf Club Perugia or Golf Club Lamborghini


Tennis Club Todi

Mountain Biking:

Saccarelli Bikes